Hey! This is me – Inese.

  • I don’t believe in aging, so I’m not gonna state my age!
  • I am a woman, a wife of one and a mother of three lovely boys.
  • I don’t believe in perfection. Perfection doesn’t inspire. Perfection makes you doubt your ability.
  • I love coffee – in fact I think I love it waaaay too much!
  • I love dark chocolate and eclairs.
  • I love human mind. I think that it’s amazing what we can do if we deal with all the cray-cray stuff in our heads. We are able to do and be lots more than we think!
  • I love Montessori approach, but I’m not obsessed with it. As my boys are so different, I have to try lots of approaches!
  • I am not a teacher by profession or education – just by lifestyle!
  • I believe in multilingual education. We are from this amazing but small country in EU-Latvia, so we mostly learn in Latvian. But we love to travel so we learn in English as well. Anyway I think that English language nowdays is a must. Then we only have to cover, russian and spanish and french, mandarin? I don’t know – the more – the better!
  • I have been homeschooling my boys for 3 years now. And I love it! (somedays I am far from loving it, but overall I love it!).

Together with my husband we run from home a Web Development and SEO Company webdresser.com so our work schedule is up to us. It only makes sense that we want to share our freedom with our children.

So here I am sharing our nonperfect homeschooling experiences. And, yes, sometimes it gets very non perfect when I realise its 16.00 and I am still in my PJ!

I wish to inspire You to give homeschooling a try!

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